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Sunday School

The Sunday school children achieved greater height as a stronger pillar of the church with Mr.Herbert Paul and Mrs. Bindu Paul’s leadership. Children won many awards in the inter church activities and actively participated in Church programmes.

We pick up the thread in the seventies, when Mrs. Karat, was asked to start the Sunday school.She began with just one child. The numbers increased slowly She was then assisted by Mrs. Bessie Henry and Mrs.Sarojini David. It blossomed under them. Mrs. David was replaced by Mrs. Paul and Ms. Esther Simons.Later, Mrs. Paul retired from Sunday School activities to be replaced by Mrs. Vinita Samuel. All these stalwart women kept the flag flying high, with an output of one play each year.People still treasure the scripts of these plays, even though more than thirty years have flown by.

In the mid eighties, Mr. Kenny Elisha joined the Sunday School. In addition to teaching, he played the guitar while Ms. Esther Simons played the piano. They had their own worship service suitable for children. At that time there were three classes, i.e. Junior, Intermediate and Seniors. The teachers took great care in preparing for the classes and the children were very eager to learn the stories from the Bible. They wrote exams conducted by the Bible Society and did quite well. They also staged plays like ‘Mother Teresa’ and ‘Ida Scudder’ on World Sunday School Day.

Kenny left in the late eighties, as he had a touring job. Sunil Abraham, a former student of the Sunday School,took up the mantle for some time, along with Herbert Paul who came in to play the guitar. Sunil brought in a lot of theatre exercises and related them to the gospel, which helped a lot of children in their daily life too. Sunil and Herbert scripted plays and wrote original music with the able guidance of Mrs. Karat.

In 1994 the Sunday School participated in a 2 day Inter-Sunday School Competition. 40 Sunday Schools took part, and they won prizes for their singing and play,which they were proud to boast, were both originals.

In 1995, Mrs. Karat wanted to retire from Sunday School after putting in about 25 years of service.Mrs. Mano Rathnakar stepped in as the Superintendent.The Sunday School continued to produce excellent original scripts and songs.Sunil had to leave because of his work schedules. Mrs. Rathna Samson took up the Sunday School. She held it together with a few like – minded individuals like Herbert,Ms. Sharon Alexander and Ms. Smitha Shyamsunder, who helped her in conducting classes. But later, Mrs.Ratna found herself alone as the others slowly left.

Kenny came back to the Sunday School in exercises and related them to the gospel, which helped a lot of children in their daily life too. Sunil and Herbert scripted plays and wrote original music with the able guidance of Mrs. Karat.

In 1994 the Sunday 1996, and was there for quite some time. About three years down the line,Mrs. Rathna Samson left for personal reasons, and he continued all alone for nearly eight years. Mr. Aashish Joshua helped out with the singing for a brief period of time. Kenny kept the Sunday School going by telling numerous stories. There was no time for plays or performing in church. The situation was such that it was difficult to keep the children together, and the only way was to give them as good a time as possible there,which was done by hook or by crook.The children loved the sing – song and story sessions.

About this time, students from the U.T.C. were posted to the Church as part of their training. They were sent to the Sunday School and many of them did their best to help in teaching the children new songs and choruses, and telling them stories too. Ms.Revathi Nathaniel, Ms. Grace Sumana and Mrs. Ajitha Samuel too lent a helping hand whenever they were able to.

We must make a special mention here, about the Goodwill Girls’ High School boarders,who regularly attended our Sunday School, and happily participated in all its activities. They still do. At that point of time they formed the backbone of the Sunday School, as there were nearly 40 of them. Without them, the Sunday School cupboard would have looked very bare indeed! Many congregation members preferred to send their children to other Sunday Schools.

Seeing the dwindling number of children from our own congregation,brought a lot of concern to the then Presbyter-in-charge, Rev.Victor Joshua. This reflected in the participation of the Youth in church.He convinced Mr. Herbert Paul to take charge of the Sunday School. His wife, Mrs. Bindu Paul too agreed to be there along with Mrs. Anne Margaret. With them,the Sunday School blossomed again.

Straight away, the new team got together to do something that would revive and interest the participation of the children from our own congregation. It was quite a task I must say as we had to think up new strategies and come up with ideas that would interest the children. We kept in mind that they would be the future of our church. One of the main interests we found was music. This field of interest enabled us to make a difference and we picked up from there. Our worship sessions became more lively, with plenty of action songs, mixed with some rocky ones too. Word went around and children began to come back, with a push from their parents and plenty of questions in their minds, we could see. It did take a few months for us to build up and once we did, with God’s grace and mercy, we are still carrying the mantle of faith forward!

Christmas of 2006 witnessed a musical, scripted by Kenny and the music composed by Herbert. The able guidance of Rev. Mitra, who also was the narrator of the play was deeply appreciated. This brought a new breath into the Sunday School which saw a huge revival.

Music became our stronghold and in 2007, Rev. Mitra wanted a full fledged band to play for the Praise and Worship every Sunday. As there was no participation from the youth, he looked towards the Sunday School. 3 child prodigies were found and trained 39 Milind Yohann on the bass guitar,Pradyun Manoj, on the keyboard and Aashish Paul at the drums. These 3 young boys along with Herbert even today are the main band for the Praise and Worship singing.

Later, during the summer vacation of that year, the Sunday School of Wesley English Church created history! We hosted the first ever VBS in our very own church and to add to it, this happened to be the first of its kind in the Karnataka Central Diocese too. It was conducted as a camp along with an overnight stay in the church premises. Participation poured in from outside church as well.Children made bookmarks,sold breakfasts to raise funds towards this 5 day event. The church members contributed very generously in cash and kind. Almost every meal was sponsored, right from breakfast to dinner! The children had a feast and every meal was very well relished,because of the exotic menus.

After the Pastorate Committee elections in 2007, Mrs. Bindu Paul was elected as the Superintendent of the Sunday School. We attended many Inter Sunday School competitions and won many accolades for our church.

The main event apart from the regular activities was our Christmas Musical – The Magic Wheel. This was a sound and light show and was again scripted by Kenny with the music done by Herbert. It was staged in the compound with three different sets. Even the side portico of the parsonage was converted into a beautiful set. We appreciate with gratitude all the help we received from the congregation and more so the parents who willingly stepped in to paint sets, coach and even dress the kids up! Thanks to them for always being there!! We were invited to St Mark’s Cathedral as well to sing and be a part of their Christmas program.

By 2008 the number of children who attended Sunday School had doubled.This was truly God’s grace and such being the case, we were able to divide them into four classes- Beginners, Juniors, Inters and Seniors. With our music being heard about all over the city, we were invited to sing at a Christmas program at the Indiranagar Methodist Church.We were the only children’s choir to sing and were greatly appreciated by the audience. We were invited again the next year too. The Christmas play in 2009 was directed by Serita Isaac who also composed the music.

With the arrival of Rev. Florence Deenadayalan, the Sunday School has gone many steps higher not only in number, but also in spiritual growth.Her passion for children shows in her whole- hearted and unending support she lovingly renders towards them.Her great vision for the future tells on her deep appreciation and firm background support to all Sunday School activities.

Kenny opted out again after a period of fourteen years. Right now, Herbert,Bindu, and Anne are joined by Sarah,and they work together to cater to their age group respectively. Activities are planned accordingly for the week,teaching them lots of new choruses,and telling a whole new set of stories in addition to a quiz now and then and team games.

With about 70 regular children on roll, we have split up the strength into Beginners, Juniors, Intermediates and Seniors. In fact, the Sunday School has become so good that some of the parents join in just to sing along with their children and to listen to the stories being told over there.Doubtless they reminisce about their days in Sunday School too.

The Sunday School has participated in Inter – Sunday School competitions,Memory contests et al, and won prizes in every discipline, from five years to fifteen years. They have competed against children sometimes twice their age and have come out on top. They are known as the Singing Sunday School these days, with their performances in other churches, who have invited them to sing. Quite often,they are the ONLY Sunday School choir to be invited, and they sing among all grown – ups.

They have been doing so well now with the whole-hearted and unending support from Rev. Florence, who also takes a lot of pride in the children.Hopefully, there will be a lot more to offer the children of Wesley English Church in the near and distant future.

Three cheers to our Sunday School!!! It is our fervent prayer that as we look up to our Maker for His guidance, the children who pass through our hands would in turn be able to pass on what they have learnt here to the future generations that follow.We look forward to them being responsible and understanding as they would soon take up responsibilities in Church. God bless!!!

With inputs from Kenny Elisha,Herbert and Bindu Paul, Mrs.Puttadevi Karat, Mrs. Mano Rathnakar, Mrs. Sarojini David and Mrs. Rathna Samson