Music and songs are closely woven into the fabric of our society. Music is God’s gift to us to fill us with joy and to lift up our spirits. In song we come closer to God.

We appreciate music by listening to the varied qualities of different instruments: the organ, the piano,the guitar, the drums and the trumpet and the form of the piece played and the feeling of the performance as a whole.

Some of the pieces chosen for our special songs are set to lovely, singable,melodies by various composers and arranged in a variety of interesting ways.Opportunities are afforded to soloists along with duet singers, trios and other small choral groups. And best of all, the music employs moderate vocal ranges, logical voice leading and rather easy accompaniments,playable on either organ or piano.Thus the music is well within the reach of even the smaller or less professional choir.

The variety of music used and performed is undoubtedly appreciated. The need is clear for it provides for the wide-ranging needs of the young and the mature and the varying tastes of those who worship in the congregation. Furthermore,well-known and dearly-loved hymns are chosen as they provide an aid to more effective congregational singing and participation of all.

As it is impossible to sing special songs for all festivals in the church calendar, we concentrate on those we feel are of special significance to our Christian life today and include occasions, not festivals in one sense at all,which complete the pattern of the Christian Story throughout the year.

We the members of Wesley (English) Church, have seen the hand of God guiding us in a marvellous way during the past years. We are extremely grateful to our organist, Mr. Victor Emmanuel and our Choir Director, Mr.Bobby Chandy, for their enthusiasm and hard work and to all members of the choir for devoting so much of their time to practise Hymns and Special songs after the Morning service every Sunday.

We do appreciate their loyalty. Yet,each member of the choir deeply appreciates the faithful support of our former and present Presbyters and the Pastorate Committee. Thus for the glory of God, the enriching of worship, the proclamation of the Gospel and the building of the Church, we joyfully present this report.

“Our singing is a prayer, O lord,A prayer of thanks and praise;In music, Lord, we worship thee; Thy Beauty fills our days.”