A complete transformation

Miss. Divya Dorothy Mithra

I was just twelve years old when I first entered Wesley English Church with my two siblings and my parents. The church was surrounded by a crumbling compound wall. I walked through old rusty gates, with all the paint peeled off. The next thing I noticed was the dusty compound, that proved to be a menace during the hot, dry summers and the rains when the whole place would get slushy, which in turn made it difficult for us to walk up the slippery path to the church. The back of the church was covered with weeds and strewn with garbage. The church building need less to stay looked its age- a 117 year old building.

The roof was falling apart, there were times when we had to worship in very uncomfortable situations, for example, one day due to heavy rains the altar was surrounded by ankle-deep water, and the roof leaked in places. Then there were other times when the church was invaded by pigeons, squirrels and bugs, that not only left quite a big mess behind them but also tried to compete with the sound system. The church building almost looked like it was in ruins.

Now of course, when I walk up to the church I am amazed at how it has changed its out look. A New compound wall has been erected, the gates that open up to the church are new and freshly painted. The muddy ground has been replaced with a cemented and granite flooring, which makes it so much easier to walk about regardless of the weather. The church premises also enjoys the luxury of a basket ball court, something that was just a dream before. The building has been repainted and the roof has been repaired. The church looks very modern and elegant, it now has stained glass windows, beautiful polished granite flooring and a much bigger platform. The church has got brand new hymn books replacing the old tattered ones.

A complete transformation of the church edifice and the campus has been done in the short span of six-months. Our Presbyter-in-charge Rev. Mrs. Florence Deenadayalan should be given all due credits for carrying off this marvelous feat, she has given the best of her wisdom and talent to this church and made it what it is today. A new comer would not believe his/her eyes if he/she were shown the archaic pictures of the old edifice and the pathetic conditions in which the congregation was worshipping once.

Not everyone may agree with my views, but this is what I feel and what I have witnessed.