Three boys around the age of 10 years, were boasting about their fathers as to how much they earned from their profession. These children were the sons of a Doctor, a Lawyer and a Pastor. The son of the Doctor said, “ For every surgery my father performs, he earns Rs. 5000/-.” The Lawyer’s son said, “That’s nothing, for every court case my father wins, he earns Rs. 50,000/-” The Pastor’s son said, “Do you know how much my father earns? For every half an hour sermon, he needs 8 people to carry the money; you can imagine the amount of money he earns every Sunday.”

Ulterior Message

Whatever the father’s or mother’s profession is, the children have to understand whether their parents are making an honest living through hard work and not through cheating or taking bribes. Every father and mother should be a role model to their children and explain to them about their profession as to what they do and how much they earn.