One poor member of the church, an old man used to visit the church every day in the week to pray at the altar, asking God to give him Rs. 200/- for his medical expenses. The Pastor observed this every morning and one day he approached this poor man and asked him for the purpose of his daily visit to the church. When the poor man told his reason, the Pastor had compassion for him. Later on, the Pastor sent an envelope to this poor man through the church sextant. When the poor man opened the envelope and saw Rs. 150/- he immediately fell on his knees and thanked God for answering his prayers. But at the end of his prayer, he said, “God! I asked you for Rs. 200/- but I received only Rs. 150/-,"

The Ulterior Message

next time when you send me money, please don’t send it through that Pastor because he has pocketed Rs. 50/- and sent me only Rs. 150/-.” The Ulterior Message When you pray to God asking for money, don’t forget to ask God to send the money through a pilfer-proof electronic media. Some human beings never trust another human being.