Oh! My Mother

Mrs Lydia C. Manoharan

(late Mrs. R. Jesuratnam)

1. My mother was a champion playing Tennis with her left hand, Oh! Yes! She was a total left hander.
2. Looking after needy ladies was her great concern she appointed for ladies as women’s welfare officer.
3. She was secretary of club of ladies for over twenty years, well liked by all the ladies who considered her dear.
4. In one government office or other she was made to sit as appointed member wherever she would fir.
5. She was offered them the “Kaiser-I-Hind” award But she declined it because she was a nationalist.
6. Care she gave for her children and brought them up well, Thus my mother spent her days in public service.
7. Oh! My mother deep in my heart I miss her so today

 The Armchair Player

(late Mrs. R. Jesuratnam)

1. He would sit in front of TV In an armchair to watch the world cup cricket match or the Wimbledon Tennis match.
2. He would want batsman Sachin a six to hit, whenever he wanted and oblige would Sachin hitting a six when he batted.
3. Watching the great Pete Sampras he would wish him well and for an ace which Sampras served well.
4. When Steffi Graf was playing “come on Steffi” he would shout who obliged while hitting would win the point out.
5. Thus the armchair player watched all the sports events you have guessed who it was, He was my better half.