The first outreach programme of Wesley English Church was the Pensioner's Home for the care of the poor and destitute, established in 1888 by the late W. Garret Esq. which has handed over to the Wesleyan Mission in trust by his will. In 1894, the Wesley Church was actively involved with the poor, the aged and the socially marginalized sections of society through the poor House on Haines road, located near the Wesley Church. It was here that the poor widows were cared for in the quaters provided by the church.This programme was followed by the wesley Widow's Home which is now called The Wesley Home located near the cantonment railway overbridge, and the Wesley Guild, established in 1898, a centre for fellowship and dynamic outreach activity. The wesley Home was inaugurated by Bishop K. Gill of karnataka Central Diocese on 12th November 1977. This programme is being well monitored by the pastorate Committee of Wesley Church.

Later, in 1985, the Wesley Church reached out to a mission feild in Krishnagiri , situated on the border of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu. This outreach programme which is being carried out through the Indian Evangelical Mission (IEM), involves the church's financial support to two missionaries namely, Mr. Prabhu and his wife Cecilia. Their sincere and dedicated service has extended the outreach service to more than 200 villages among different tribal communities such as the Kurumbas, the Pusaris, the Vanniyars, the jannaparas and others. The outreach work in Krishnagiri was pioneered by the late Mr. K.S. Samuel who was the Convenor of the Wesley outreach Programme. As a result of the Wesley Church's support, the tribals were socially accepted in to the main stream of the society and became the beneficiaries of several Government programmes aimed towards social upliftment.Apart from this, the support was extended to care of the tribal boys and girls in two seperate hostels in Krishnagiri.These children became top achievers in their studies and extra curricular activities as a result of the good discipline and spiritual nurture which they received in the hostels.

Even as the outreach programmes in the Wesley Home and Krishnagiri are progressing, the Wesley Church has further extended its outreach programmes by way of regular donations towards the mission work by the Karnataka Evangelistic Association, the Friends Missionary Prayer Band and the Missionary Action Prayer fellowship with their offices based in Bangalore.

We have received updated reports from the Mission Offices who are in receipt of our financial support towards their mission work.