Presbyters Message


When I look back into time, my mind goes back to that moment, when I stopped into Wesley English Church for the first time. The then presbyter-in-charge was Rev. Thomas E. David. I came here to give my first ever trial sermon before my ordination. Mr. Fred Karat and Mr. S. K. Abraham were some of the senior members then.

The second time, was for the deacons ordination in 1981, where Mr. Sonny Devadason and Rev. P. J. Lawerence, currently the Bishop of the Nandhyal Diocese played a very important role to make my ordination a success.

The next time I came to Wesley was on Women's Sunday, the objective being to make the women from the church, members of the Women's Fellowship of KCD.

All these incidents made me think about the renovation of the church and the parsonage. Whenever I visited the church, I stayed in the small room in the parsonage. Broken windows and the red-oxide flooring made me think that if ever I got a chance, I would surely rebuild the same with God's help. I felt the leading to work towards my goal, with the guidance of my Heavenly Father.

To my utmost surprise, I was posted to this church after 30 years, where I was able to fulfill this task along with the wonderful and committed support of the Pastorate Committee members. I have experinced a loving and caring congregation, without any politics. I praise God for the bringing this thought to frutition.

Glory and honor goes to my Triune God, who intervenes in each of our lives.

May the Lord speak to you and make you worthy of your calling.

Blessings………. God be with you!