To commemorate the Centenary of Wesley English Church it was decided to take up a number of outreach provgrammes like Missionary and Social activities. Thus, the creation of the Centenary Scholarship Fund is one such activity which was established during this Centenary celebration.

After a prolonged discussion, the Centenary Celebration Committee decided to establish a Scholarship Fund to provide scholarships to the needy and deserving students each academic year, whose parents were economically backward. Accordingly the Centenary Scholarship Fund was established with kind contributions from the families of Wesley English Church, and several Christian Institutions in the year 1993.

The criteria for awarding scholarships were:

1. That the student should be economically backward.

2.He/she should be good in studies.;

Such students could be selected from Stds. 1-10. It was also decided to award four scholarships to children from Wesley English Church who fell into the above categories, three to Goodwill Girls'High School,Methodist Mission  School and United Mission School.

The first distribution of scholarships commenced from the academic year 1993-94, and was continued onwards. Later on, two more institutions were included, namely Mithralaya Girls' high School and CEZM School.

In the beginning each scholarship holder was awarded Rs. 1000/-(rupees one thousand only).But the scholarship amount was subsequently increased once the funds became sufficient to do so.&

It is heartening to say that the present amount is Rs. 2,000/-(rupees two thousand only)per child,and is being awarded 10 Institutions including  Wesley English Church during the year 2009 in which the total number of students who received scholarships were 18.

Our sincere request to the Wesley English Church Family is to contribute more towards the Scholarship Fund so that more deserving children may benefit from this to pursue their studies.

At present, Mr philip Asirvadam is the Convenor of the Scholarship Committee.