Voice of the Congregation

Miss Mohana Samson

A doctor went to an uncivilized Island in the South Sea and after rendering medical help was about to return. The natives arranged for a felicitation in honor of his services to the community. Towards the close of the function the doctor rose up to thank the people for their gesture. However, he was prevented by one of the organizers saying, “You may be a good doctor but it doesn’t mean that you have good skills as a speaker.We have a special person to do that.” This anecdote flashed across my mind as I sat down to pen a few words about our dear Pastor Rev. Florence Deenadayalan. The candid remarks of the native speaks volumes of the special skill required to speak or to write impressively and the difficulty inherent in the attempt to capture in words the contributions made by somebody. Nevertheless there are certain achievements which speak for themselves.

When our Pastor took over the onerous task of shepherding this congregation, there was no visible indication of her dynamism as it was shrouded by the veil of Christian humility. Impressive changes brought about in the church during her tenure are witness to her vigor and vitality.

Special mention has to be made of her untiring efforts for sprucing up the church within a short span of time and organizing the church anniversary day. It should be remembered that though this church was started 123 years ago, till now nobody ever thought of celebrating its anniversary. By commemorating the founding day of this revered and ancient House of God, she has instilled a sense of belongingness among the congregation. Her concern for the spiritual welfare of the children is manifested in a new convention of blessing them before they part for their Sunday classes. Highly talented, she has a flair for exposition of difficult Biblical doctrines in a lucid manner and the Bible study conducted by her is an occasion to look forward to with enthusiasm. She has great organizing skill and the tour to the Holy land organized by her speaks volumes about it. Rev. Florence is the first woman minister of this church, yet she is not self-conscious of her gender and performs her calling befitting the office she holds.

A list of such activities can go on, but constraint of space does not permit me to indulge further. All that can be said in few words is that she has come as a refreshing breeze on a summer day, refreshing and strengthening our spiritual and community bond. The congregation is grateful to our Pastor and invokes God to bless her with good health, and strength to continue to serve in His vineyard.