Wesley Home

After the First World War, Major Garrett, a member of the Wesley English Church, who saw the dire needs of many Widows, purchased a building on Old Poor House Road. through his generosity five widows with a Matron-in-charge, were accommodated here free. Tradition has it that OLD POOR HOUSE ROAD got its name from that Home.

It was the practice then that the Matron and the Widows attend at least one Service at the Wesley Church on Sundays.

From past records we learn that the property was sold in 1942, and property No.40, Millers Road was purchased to house five widows. Each widow was given a room, a toilet and kitchenette free. They furnished the room and did their own catering.

As time went on it was found that these widows were getting disabled, and their illnesses more frequent, and they were becoming liabilities to the church. The Home in Channapatna would have taken them, but that was being closed down.

In Feburary 1973, a Joint meeting of the Officers of the Diocese with members of the Wesley Church Pastorate Committee met to discuss the future of the Home with Bishop Gill in the chair. The opinion was that if present Widows' Home was not suitable on account of its present location or for any other reason, the Home itself could be sold and the proceeds to start a new Home in a more suitable place.

The Diocese used the building for creche work till 1977. In May 1977, the pastorate Committee decided to use the building for a Home for men and women over 65 years of age with boarding facilities, and  being a project of the Church to be known as the Wesley Home in future. The inaugration of the Home by the Bishop took place on 12th November 1977, and it is still functioning as an Old People's Home Today.

"I will praise the name of God with a song and will magnify him with thanksgiving"-Ps. 69:30

Today the Wesley home and its inmates are part of the Wesley English Church. The members of the congregation share in the financial responsiblities of running the Home through their monthly subscriptions. The Wesley Home Committee looks after the administartive matters relating to the Home. The Women's fellowship and the Wesley Youth Group visit the Home once in a monthto have good fellowship by singing songs, meditating on the word of God, Participating in bible quiz and other games. This makes them very happy. The Home cares for members belonging to different Church affiliations. Under mentioned are nine inmates residing in the Home - eight ladies and one gentlemen.