Wesley School Ministry

What We Offer

Greetings to you from Friends Missionary Prayer Band!We are very grateful to Wesley English Church for its ardent support and fervent prayers for the growth of the ministry of FMPB. Your regular support is greatly acknowledged and apprecited. We give thanks and praise to God for you because your contribution helps us to move forward in the ministry of reaching the unreached people with the Gospel of Christ.

By the grace of God, the ministry of FMPB has grown by leaps and bounds.Now more than 2000 missionaries and local evangelists are working in 23 states with 250 mission fields working among 250 communities who had never heard of the gospel. Recently we have evaluated the overall ministry of FMPB and understood that in our mission fields,every day two worship congregations are formed; every Sunday one newly built Church is dedicated and every month more than 3000 people accept Jesus as the Lord. Our Lord of Harvest is doing mighty things through our missionaries in the mission fields   of FMPB.

FMPB ministry covers mainly people groups of our nation. To give them the Bible in their heart languages is also one of the priorities of the ministry.Now Bible translation is underway in 13 languages.Among them,the New Testament has been translated,published in Malto,Chowdri,Vasavi dialects. The first generation belivers are thus helped to read the Bible and grow in their faith.

FMPB concentrates on the wholistic development of the believers,as they are from poor and marginalized back grounds.To ameliorate their living conditions, FMPB has entered into partnership with various ministries and provides childcare,education,health care,literacy programs,improved methods of farming,water storage etc. Especially in this academic year, we Bangaloreans supported the educational needs of 1633 Malto Children of Jharkhand.

Through spirtual nurture and social development programmes a large number of people get transformed in their life.Superstition,ignorance,slavery are eradicated.Almost 4 lakh people have been redeemed so far and they are now worshiping the Lord Jesus Christ in 5000 congregations.

"The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few"[Lk.10:2] in many places.We need many energetic and committed missionaries to work with us to win souls in time.So we request you to pray earnestly for the selection of many genuine,young missionary candidates to join with us in our ministry.We are in need of prayer warriors who would intercede for the salvation of the many unreached people.We look forward to many more indivuals,families,Churches and Institutions to get involved  in mission and to sponsor missionaries and their needs.

We sincerely thank you, as a Church for being with us in the ministry of unreached people with the Gospel of Christ Jesus.We continuously pray for the welfare of the Wesley English Church.